Thursday , April 15 2021

Security Lead – Siemens Careers for Freshers in Ghaziabad

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Job Description:

Smart infrastructure from Siemens makes the world a more connected and caring place – where resources are valued, where impact on the world is considered, where sustainable energy is delivered reliably and efficiently. It provides the flexible infrastructure to allow society to evolve and respond to changing conditions. Technology and the ingenuity of people come together to be at one with our environments and to care for our world. We do this from the macro to the micro level, from physical products, components and systems to connected, cloud-based digital offerings and services. Siemens offers a broad portfolio of grid control and automation; low- and medium-voltage power distribution, switching and control; and building automation, fire safety and security, HVAC control and energy solutions.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Actively links actions to relevant economic profit perspective – understands and works to increase profit and/or reduce costs as goal.
  • Conceptualizes key areas in which to focus one´s efforts in the next two years.
  • Takes ownership and works towards planning targets, overcoming obstacles, setbacks and uncertainty.
  • Frames the right strategic questions for own business area.
  • Articulates evolving mid-term business or operational priorities, i.e. within two-year horizon.
  • Identifies opportunities in own area of responsibility to contribute to the commercial success of the company, including increasing process efficiency or reducing problems.
  • Adapts short-term plans as business priorities evolve for the company.
  • Identifies risks and plans for contingencies to ensure delivery for results, projects or other objectives.
  • Understands own business area within Siemens and industry context.
  • Energized by working towards a specific goal set by others, especially business goals.
  • Clearly articulates the current driven situation in the context of long-term market opportunities and threats.

Job Requirements:

  • Explains the need for change and innovation to others.
  • Adapts communications to the specific audience.
  • Readily accepts and uses expertise and input from others, without regard to source or origin.
  • Actively listens and responds to the concerns and feelings of others even when not explicitly stated.
  • Assigns tasks, setting clear, specific performance objectives, standards and accountability to all.
  • Shares information and rationale proactively, also when not required to do so.
  • Builds informal networks internally and externally and views them as part of the value creation process.
  • Checks goal achievement standards, compliance and responsibility assignment.
  • Prefers working in groups, including groups with a variety of perspectives and origins.
  • Asks questions, tests assumptions and openly discusses issues, keeps commitments.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Experience required – 15+ Years

Job Details:

Company: Siemens

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Other

Job Location: Ghaziabad, Delhi, IN

Application Deadline: N/A

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